The Academic Council of Warwick defines research as the systematic investigation which depends upon the quality of data or information. Collecting reliable data is essential to perform accurate analysis to meet the research objectives. The more reliable data leads to the more trustworthy results.

We at Regent Statistics offer PhD data collection help to add value to the particular domain of knowledge. Our research consultants employ advanced methods of data collection. This includes primary data, observation method and the use of questionnaire. We provide assistance for both primary and secondary PhD Thesis data collection.

Our data collection help includes:

  • Primary Data: Data which are collected by the candidates itself is called as Primary data. This method requires no inference from the third party and follows the authoritative approach. Our experts help candidates with the primary data collection by using following means:
    • Observation Method: This method requires behavioral observation. Our consultants record and observe the behavior in a systematic way. It is not a flexible method like survey.
    • Questionnaire: Experts from Regent Statistics use this method in survey. They distribute research related question format by mail or internet to get the response from respondents and help users to collect data from wide geographical area. The questionnaire can be both open ended and close ended. This method is cost effective and easy to manage.
    • Interview: In this method we help researchers to collect data by communication with respondents. We follow personal meeting and telephonic conversation for effective response.
  • Secondary Data: This type of data has been previously collected by someone else for some other purpose. We help researchers to modify the previously collected data as per their research and assist for more reliable results.

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Our Guarantee

  • Reliable and accurate data collection to meet the objective of your research
  • Organized and systematic data representation
  • Timeliness in terms of meeting deadlines
  • Non-plagiarized and Grammatical Error Free writing
  • Assurance of 100% confidentiality
  • Free 30 days revision and consulting post completion of work

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