The successful completion of a thesis or dissertation depends on how well you have written the discussion chapter. As per Prof. William Rogers from University of Bristol, over 74% of thesis or dissertation rejections are due to the improper framing and writing of discussion chapter.

Often, researchers feel hesitant in describing their findings properly and show the inability to work on the discussion chapter. Lack of confidence and guidance can be the two major reasons but wait for it…we have a SOLUTION.

Research Consultants at Regent Statistics understand the purpose of Discussion and help in stating your interpretations & opinions, explaining the implications of findings, and making suggestions for future research. Our experts provide comprehensive consultation for Discussion chapter writing help for Dissertation through a two way e-mail communication for the sake of better understanding to achieve maximum client satisfaction.

How we help researchers through our Discussion Chapter Consulting:

  • We organize the discussion from specific to general such as from findings to the literature, to theory, to practice.
  • We help in organizing your thoughts in a logical form.
  • We use the same point of view that you followed or used when posing the questions in the introduction.
  • Our consultants being the discussion by re-stating the hypothesis you were testing and answering the questions posed in the introduction.
  • We provide clear explanation on how your results relate to the desired or expected results and to the literature, clearly stating why they are acceptable and how they are fit in or consistent with previously published knowledge on the topic in Discussion Chapter.
  • We address all the results relating to the question.
  • We help researchers in Discussing and evaluating conflicting explanations of the results
  • We identify and describe potential limitations and weaknesses of your research on the relative interpretation your findings.
  • We provide a concise summary on the principle implications of findings.

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Our Guarantee

  • Assured justification of your findings relating to your research objectives
  • Timeliness in terms of meeting deadlines
  • Non-plagiarized and Grammatical Error Free writing
  • Assurance of 100% confidentiality
  • Free 30 days revision and consulting post completion of work

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