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Over 87% doctoral candidates have reported the inability to perform the Statistical Analysis which includes extensive use of mathematical software to perform statistical tests. It is the most crucial part of a dissertation as it defines the significance of your work. Statistics is considered as a never-ending maze without which your ideas will never reach results.

Have you also been struggling with the statistical analysis too? If yes, then you have found the right place. In Hurry? Get an instant quote from us for dissertation statistics help in UK!

Regent Statistics offers comprehensive statistic consulting for PhD and Masters Candidates. We are considered to be the prominent consulting firm for candidates seeking PhD Thesis Statistics help in UK for Data analysis Research work.

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Achieving 100% client satisfaction is our prime motto and our statisticians aim at doing so. Candidates often choose and recommend us for various reasons, such as:

  • We offer assistance for complete statistics and data analysis section: Regent Statistics assists candidates throughout the statistical analysis process which starts from managing the data to the final interpretation of the data to use at the conclusion stage and it includes finding of results from collected data through the use of applicable methods and statistical tools.
  • We can perform any Statistical Analysis regardless of complexity: With an average experience of 7 years, our statistician can perform any qualitative and quantitative analysis regardless of the level of complexity. We have never turned down a project because of the complexity level. Our statistical assistance attracts the candidates from top universities such as University of Warwick, University of Manchester, University of Exeter, Oxford and many more.
  • We have expertise with every statistical and qualitative software package: Our expertise includes (but not limited to):
    • SPSS, AMOS, Stata and SAS for quantitative analysis
    • NVIVO and E-View for qualitative work
    • MATLLAB and R for quantitative modelling
    • AMOS for structural modelling
  • We work on a wide range of interest areas: Our statisticians have the experience and expertise working on a wide range of topics which includes Management (Finance, Marketing, and Consumer Behavior), Medical Sciences (Life Sciences, Pharmacy, and Biology), Social Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Data Mining, Engineering, Environmental Science, History, Education Practices and many more.
  • We offer Quality and Accuracy in service at the most reasonable price: Our consultation service includes free in-depth consultation to understand the scope of work, so that we can provide you with the accurate quote depending upon your requirement. We ask you to pay for results not for time and provide our quote on per-project (not hourly) basis. Commented [C1]: Insert link to Get the quote page
  • We offer customized, personalized and comprehensive statistics help: We aim to get expected result while working closely on the guidelines provided by you. Our statisticians are expert in generating the most customized and personalized data analysis chapter. Our statisticians take pride in their ability to produce expected results and explain the complex concepts in statistics.
  • We offer quicker turnaround time: We aim to deliver your analysis work within 4-5 business days, however, we have a provision to meet to even more stringent deadline.

Our Statistical Service Entails

Formulating Research Methods & Creating Research Design

Designing a clear strategy while keeping the research objective in mind. We ensure the credibility of your research findings.

Determining the Sample Size

Our statisticians suggest best Sample Size for performing data analysis based on your research and possibility of data collection.

Chossing data collection method

We provide guidance for the collection of primary and secondary data. Our statisticians often suggest methods like group interviews, semi-structured interviews, participant observation and questionnaires

Conducting Accurate Analysis

Our statistician work on a wide range of statistical tests. we perform descriptive, inferential, parametric and non-parametric test based on your research.

Interpretation of results and findings

we assist you thoughout the process till result and discussion chapter and our experts will brief you about the findings for better understanding of results.

Wondering, How To Get Your Work Done?

We at Regent Statistics work on the simplest and hassle-free process to provide you with statistical analysis. Here is how we work:

Submit Your Requirement


Free In-depth consultation from our statistician & Receive a Quote


Process Payment


Statistical Analysis using tools and softwares


Interpretation Report



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We Value Confidentiality

Regent Statistics understands the necessity and importance of confidentiality. We work on a non-disclosure agreement with our clients to ensure that any of their personal and research work details will not be shared with any one. Your details are completely confidential with us.

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