Questionnaire Designing

Data Collection Media

Type of Question & Data

Writing and Laying the format

Ethical Issues

Length of Questionnaire

Application of Scales

Research candidates often underestimate the importance and necessity of a well-designed questionnaire. A questionnaire is the basic requirement when you want to collect the most accurate and reliable data. To design a questionnaire it is essential to have the extensive knowledge of a particular domain, and that requires the help of experts. Candidates consider that designing a questionnaire is similar to writing a research chapter, however, it is not the same and thus, they require professional consultation.

Research Consultants at Regent Statistics have an intensive knowledge of different scales, ethical issues, question type, length of questionnaire, reliability and validity factor. They are well-versed in providing an objective set of enquires in the form of a questionnaire. You can submit your requirement through the enquiry form to get free in-depth consultation for questionnaire design.

While designing a questionnaire our consultants also keep in mind the approach (Qualitative & Quantitative) you are following for your research.

  • They simply do not take the raw data and convert it into a questionnaire.
  • They make use of detailed knowledge of a wide range of statistical methods and techniques.
  • They also use research methods to develop a questionnaire that works as a wonderful survey tool.
  • They design optimal questionnaire to maximize the response rate.
  • They choose appropriate scales such as Likert five points or seven points.
  • They keep research objectives in mind while designing a questionnaire.
  • They are experienced with both close ended and open ended questions.

Our Guarantee

Selection of right approach (qualitative & quantitative) based on the type of research.

Non-plagiarized and Grammatical Error Free writing

Free 30 days revision and consulting post completion of work

High-quality questionnaire design with an aim to meet the research objectives.

Timeliness in terms of meeting deadlines

Assurance of 100% confidentiality


After getting rejected by the committee in the first go due to unorganized discussion chapter, I opted for the discussion chapter consulting offered by Regent Statistic and to my surprise, they did a wonderful job. I have received my PhD, thank you guys.

Harriet Perry

Hello, I’m glad that I approached Regent Statistics for analysis using SPSS. Really, I received amazing work from you and you did fantastic with the discussion chapter as well. Highly Recommended.

Dane Maynard

I’m impressed with the quality of work I got from Regent Statistics. My special thanks goes to the expert statisticians who handled my project like their own and helped me securing an ‘A’.

Harley Walsh