Two-way randomized Anova: What it is and what it does

A two-way ANOVA is similar to a one-way ANOVA in that it analyzes the variance between groups and within groups. The logic is the same: if either of the variables has an effect, the variance within the group should be greater than the variance betwee ..Read More

Know How to Gather Primary Data for Your Research in Social Science

Research aims to determine reliable, authentic and unbiased answers to a research question.  This involves data collection, analysis and interpretation. In research, data can be collected through various methods like primary and secondary method ..Read More

A step-by-step guide to developing bubble chart in Excel

Academic research involves the collection and analysis of huge data sets (mostly complex) to arrive at the desired results. To communicate the data to the readers or to add sense to the collected data, it is a must for a scholar to visually represent ..Read More

Beginners Guide to Top 4 Regression Techniques in Data Science

Research in data science is incomplete with performing regression analysis. Running a regression test is no-brainer, provided you know ‘A-Z’ about the types & features of regression analysis techniques. While a handful of scholars are ..Read More

Radar chart: Representing your multivariate data in an effective manner

Bar charts, pie charts, and line charts are the popular data representation tools well-known to a researcher. But there is a lesser known visually powerful chart out there that packs a lot of information into a single image, the radar chart.  ..Read More

Bivariate analysis : A statistical method to determine the relationship between two continuous variables

The first step in performing an extensive research is to inspect the relationship between the outcome variable, i.e. the element of interest and the potential explanatory variables. However, the number of variable varies and so is the statistical app ..Read More

SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, or Qualtrics: Which is the best data collection tool?

Looking for the best survey or data collection tool for your research work? There are a number of data collection tools available in the market including Google forms, SurveyMonkey, and Qualtrics, which are suitable for your marketing needs. Each ..Read More

Designing a questionnaire: Qualitative Vs Quantitative

When designing a questionnaire, you may be faced with the question whether you need to design a qualitative or quantitative questionnaire. If you are confused, read on to know the difference between qualitative and quantitative questionnaires that wi ..Read More

A Quick Fix to Enhance the Research Skills of a PhD Candidate

Even though research is crucial for PhD, it should not consume all your time. Rather it should give you enough time to actually write effectively what you have researched. Research is not as difficult and challenging as it is made out to be. Scholars ..Read More

Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your dissertation

Drafting the perfect dissertation is crucial to attain your PHD degree and shape up your future. Read on to know the 5 common mistakes that can destroy your dissertation and tips to avoid them. Selecting the wrong topic Always remember the ..Read More

Surviving your PhD Thesis

Even the best of PhD students feel a sense of frustration over their academic progress, despite years of research and hard work. This fear is compounded when it comes to writing a thesis, especially if the student has none or little to show for any a ..Read More

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