Data Analysis Using SPSS in PhD: Comparing Different Methods

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Data Analysis Using SPSS in PhD. Embarking on a doctoral journey is a monumental task, and one of its pivotal phases revolves around data analysis. In the world of academic research, particularly in the conte..Read More

The Pros and Cons of Using Open-Source Software (R) versus Proprietary Software (SAS, SPSS) In PhD Research

Introduction Open-source software is referred to as computer software that has been made available under a licence that gives users the freedom to use, examine, modify, and share the software and its source code with any other person and also for ..Read More

Two-way randomized Anova: What it is and what it does

A two-way ANOVA is similar to a one-way ANOVA in that it analyzes the variance between groups and within groups. The logic is the same: if either of the variables has an effect, the variance within the group should be greater than the variance betwee..Read More
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