Why is Netnography becoming one of the most important research methodologies and how it can be a game changer for your research

First of all, let us understand why Netnography and for those who don’t know what Netnography is, please read the below paragraph. Netnography is a research method used in qualitative social science research that involves the study of online..Read More

Overview Of the Role of Power Analysis in the Planning and Design Stage of Research

Introduction A power analysis is a computation that determines the minimum sample size needed for an experiment given the necessary statistical power, effect size, and significance level. It aids in determining if an experiment or survey result is..Read More

Using Multivariate Analysis Techniques in PhD Research: A Critical Analysis of Their Capabilities and Limitations

Introduction First, let us understand what multivariate analysis is. In multivariate analysis (MVA), numerous variables (more than two) are analysed to find any potential relationships between them. By examining every potential independent variabl..Read More

Exploring the Applications of Bayesian Methods in PhD Research

Introduction In Bayesian analysis, the prior distribution—a probability distribution for the unknown parameters—encodes the expert scientific judgment. Nowadays, PhD research is being done with the help of Bayesian methods to make the ..Read More

How to Know When You Should Use Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

While writing a dissertation, you should justify and present the need to study the specific research problem and discuss the research approach that you have used to study the research problem in the dissertation proposal chapter. Outlining the resear..Read More

Know How to Gather Primary Data for Your Research in Social Science

Research aims to determine reliable, authentic and unbiased answers to a research question.  This involves data collection, analysis and interpretation. In research, data can be collected through various methods like primary and secondary method..Read More

A step-by-step guide to developing bubble chart in Excel

Academic research involves the collection and analysis of huge data sets (mostly complex) to arrive at the desired results. To communicate the data to the readers or to add sense to the collected data, it is a must for a scholar to visually represent..Read More

Beginners Guide to Top 4 Regression Techniques in Data Science

Research in data science is incomplete with performing regression analysis. Running a regression test is no-brainer, provided you know ‘A-Z’ about the types & features of regression analysis techniques. While a handful of scholars are..Read More

A Quick Fix to Enhance the Research Skills of a PhD Candidate

Even though research is crucial for PhD, it should not consume all your time. Rather it should give you enough time to actually write effectively what you have researched. Research is not as difficult and challenging as it is made out to be. Scholars..Read More
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