Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your dissertation

Drafting the perfect dissertation is crucial to attain your PHD degree and shape up your future. Read on to know the 5 common mistakes that can destroy your dissertation and tips to avoid them.

  • Selecting the wrong topic

Always remember the fact that the topic of your dissertation will shape your career and will pave way to you receiving your PHD degree. For this reason, it is crucial to choose the right dissertation topic. You may surely be in a haste to choose your dissertation topic and get on with drafting your dissertation. But a wrong topic can destroy your dissertation and can make you anxious about your degree. In the course of time when you realize your folly, you may have to start all over again and may lose precious time like 6 months or even a whole year.

Tips to Avoid the Mistake

  • Choose a topic that is clear, unique and relevant.
  • Select the topic that interests you and on which you can comfortably research.
  • There needs to be enough research and literature available on the topic.
  • The topic should be something which can interest you months or even years.
  • Writing the Wrong Title

The title of your dissertation needs to be concise and clear. Additionally, it needs to provide the right focus on your dissertation. There are times when in order to be unique, you create ambiguous or clumsy title. It is actually a common dissertation mistake made by thousands of people.

Tips to Avoid the Mistake

  • Formulate the title that lays clear focus on your dissertation.
  • Make the title captivating and unique.
  • A title depicts the significance of your research; so make it concise and to the point.
  • Irrelevant Research

Another common mistake in dissertation preparation is doing irrelevant research. The research which you do is either not connected to your topic or the source is not authentic.

Tips to Avoid the Mistake

  • Before preparing the dissertation, do extensive research.
  • Ensure that the research which you do is related to your topic.
  • Gather right information to answer all your dissertation questions.
  • Inappropriate Word Count

One of the most common dissertation mistakes is either keeping dissertation too short or too long. Your guide will expect certain word limit which needs to be observed.

Tips to Avoid the Mistake

  • Decide word counts for each sections of your dissertation.
  • Stick to the word limit.
  • Seek advice from your guide about the right word limit.
  • Not proofreading your dissertation

If you do not proofread your dissertation it can lead to grammatical mistakes, poor sentence structure, spelling mistakes etc.

Tips to Avoid the Mistake

  • Make sure to edit each section of your dissertation as and when you finish them.
  • Finally edit your dissertation when you have completed it.
  • Ask your friend to read it once to point out the mistakes which you may have overlooked.
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